How to create a money site with SEO최적화 업체

SEO최적화 중요성
SEO최적화 중요성

Create Moneysite with WordPress

In order for the website to work SEO최적화 업체 as if the cellphone is working or real estate is being used, the three factors must be included.

Cellphone Components: Phone Number + Carrier + Mobile Phone Device
Real Estate Components: Address + Land + Building
Website Components: Domain + Hosting + Coding

Create domains and hosting

I recommend a Webhosting company called BlueHorse, which I always use to create money sites or PBNs. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Low price
  2. It is a large company and hosts many websites
  3. 24-hour phone call
  4. Providing shared server services that allow you to connect an unlimited number of domains
  5. Free SSL

Website coding

And we’re not coding and creating our own website, we’re going to use WordPress, a PHP-based CMS.
WordPress is the world’s largest asset management system: the Content Management System (CMS), which is commonly used to create blog-type websites.
It is coded with PHP and 42% of websites worldwide are made of WordPress.
The reason for using WordPress when working with Google SEO is free, the installation is fast and easy to use, and there are many plugins that are required for Google SEO업체 추천, so we will use WordPress when creating PBN.

On-page SEO work
Remember DMCL?
We’ve explained that keywords are good for domains, meta, content, and links. Yoast SEO is the plugin I always use when working with on-page SEO on WordPress websites.
Rather than using something special, I personally use it for a long time, so if you have a tool that’s similar to the feature, you don’t have to use Yoast SEO.
When you activate the Yost SEO업체 에이전시 plugin, you will see the box above when editing all pages or posts.
You can enter the keywords targeted to Focus Keywords and enter the relevant keywords in the SEO title and meta description.
It’s simpler to use than you think.

D. Example of a keyword in a domain/URL: Studycafe-price-cost “study café price” was applied to the web page URL address name

M. Examples of keywords in meta titles and descriptions: “Study Cafe Price” is mentioned in the SEO전문업체 title and meta description in the Yoast SEO window.

C. How to refer to the “study café price” in the content can be mentioned in the title window of the webfeed and in the writing window.
If the recommendations are as titled as possible, please mention the keywords in front of the front left, and we recommend that you mix them with the relevant keywords as naturally as possible.
For content written on money sites, please write it more readable than mentioning related keywords too often.

L. Links can be referred to in the content through anchor text inside or outside your website.
You may be wondering how many links you can create on a single webpage, but there is no exact one or google announcement, but if you’re working on SEO업체 practice, I think you can link once every 700-1,000 characters in English, and it’s an extremely personal view and we recommend that you link as naturally as possible.

There are fewer backlinks than me on competing websites, so why are you above me? Or, I have more backlinks than competing websites, so why are you behind them?
Or, I’m still ranked near page 2 or page 1. What do we do?
• Check the backlink quality of competing websites in the top 1 or 2nd place when searching for keywords, and the quality of Anchor Text.
Google is more quality than the amount of Link, so make sure your keywords are linked well.

Just buy a PBN Link and link it up and you’ll be ranked higher, right?
• Yes but No. Usually, a good PBN will be used first. The same goes for everyone who works for SEO.
• Good quality websites and links are hard to find cheaply.
• Control is difficult even if you get it expensively.
• Create your own Control PBN domain and link to Tier 1 or Tier 2.
• If you would like to purchase and link, check your domain’s Quality and link to it.
• Or we recommend linking to Tier 3 or 4.
• Link’s numbers are an important factor, so the links you’ve purchased can help. However, if you’re thinking about it later, we recommend that you safely link to the living room.
• Always check and purchase the balance of the Majestic TF/CF or spam score with the link you are purchasing.
• Don’t forget that PBN or all links are secondary websites for exposing Money Site to keywords in your search engine.
• Don’t forget that PBN can be penalized at any time.
• More is NOT always Better SEO업체 토모다찌.