Investigating the Paranormal Realm

Unit 4

We moved into this apartment a little over a year ago. It was nice, quiet and cozy. It had two bedrooms. Which was perfect since I worked at home I needed a space to write and work. It had big windows. The only thing was there were stairs going to the third floor that sort of blocked my office window. The stairs cut the window in a very odd shape.

Underneath those stairs was a bed frame of some sort. I have always wondered about that bed frame. It looked odd sitting there. It gathered lots of dust and spiders lurked around it. It gave me the creeps. But I was never the sort that easily gets scared. So I brushed off those feelings.

I brushed off the creepy feeling I felt, that feeling that there was someone looking at me as I typed into my keyboard. I ignored the shadows cast from underneath the stairs when I sat in front of my computer at night. I was too tired to even think about such childish scares.

But everything changed when weird things started happening to me. It all started when I cleaned up the area underneath the stairs. Bugs and spiders lived there and there was so much dust that I had to just clean it up. I had to remove all the dust and spiderweb clinging unto the bed frame.

A day after dusting off the bed frame my body itched like there was no tomorrow. I scratched myself raw. I cried from so much itch. The doctor said it was contact dermatitis. But I decided to find out about the abandoned bed behind the stairs.

I found out that at time, my landlady’s daughter had died a sudden death from over a year ago. She died so suddenly that her whole family was surprised.


Nightmares started visiting me recently. They have come a few months past but I brushed them off. I thought I was just too tired from working too much that I had very lucid nightmare where I can see my body but I can’t move.

You see, I have been sleeping in my office and not in our bedroom for a few months now. I fall asleep here because I was too exhausted. I felt very rested sleeping in this blue colored room. But when the nightmares come, I feel like death visits me.

And then I started seeing her. I started seeing a woman in my dreams. She calls me. She was not angry or anything. But she does not want me to get up. She wants me to look at my body as I slept. I could hardly breathe as she sat there next to me.

Sometimes, I see her there looking at me I knew I was sleeping. She told me not to wake I and stay asleep. But I knew I need to wake up. I knew that if I did not rouse, I would soon die. I tried moving my leg. I tried moving my arms but I couldn’t. I felt like someone was restraining me from getting up.

Since then, I never slept in the blue room beside the stairs. If I did I would only do so for an hour or two and left the lights open. I am not scared of her, but she wanted me to go with her. And I knew I should not, I should not go with her.

The Window

The window es shaped oddly. I was cut into the shape of the stairs. And in it’s tiny corner it looked into the underside of the staircase. The window stood behind me everyday as I worked. And there, from that tiny corner, I saw the shadow. I saw the shadow of a little girl. And her little yellow eyes looking at me as she peered into my window.