Investigating the Paranormal Realm

The Tale of the Old Abortionist

thomashendele / Pixabay

This tale is based on a true story.

This story happened many years ago. I was only six and was in my final year in kindergarten. My mom and dad had recently had a huge fight and my mom decided to run away from home or leave my dad.

Before I begin this tale of horror, let me give you a bit of background into this story. In May 1987 my family moved to my aunt’s big house. She allowed us to rent it until we have completely paid for the mortgage. The house was really big but I have very little recollection about how it looked like when we moved in since I was only about two at that time and I could only remember some blood stains on the wall.

When I was about three I had experienced many strange things in this house. Since I’ve had a spiritual awakening, I’ve begun to think more deeply about these times.  I was inspired after reading an article about spiritual awakening on a good occult site I found called Signal River. So here is my story to share with you.

It was said that the house used be an abortion clinic at the second floor and a gambling den in ground floor. Just to give you a bit of a picture, the house was big. It had a garden parking space for two cars, a backyard which was a filled with an assortment of old discarded things. The first floor housed my dad’s office, a big living room, a storage area, working space for our other employees. The second floor had enormous bedrooms, a playroom and a weird small hallway that was lined with several bathrooms and the last one on the hallway was barricaded by wooden planks. That hallway gave me the creeps. It smelled funny. It smelled of death. It was said that behind that door was the bathroom which the abortionist used to throw and flush down the fetuses.

This house was a haunted place. Many entities were said to live in every nook and cranny.  We will park those stories for now. We will first delve in to the story of old abortionist that haunted this house. Many of our neighbors say there once a nice doctor who lived in that house. She was always smiling and friendly, yet very quiet. Many women visited her. Most of them looked pregnant. The neighbors before found it strange that whenever a woman visits they never see her leaving from the front door. The fact of the matter is some of them use the back door to leave but some of them never leave at all.

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When we moved to this house, as my older brother tells me; there was a lot of blood stains in the second floor. Most of this blood was found in the hallway that had five bathrooms; two on each side and one at the very end. He said that there was even a woman who knocked at our door asking for a “Doctora”. The house frightened me a lot.

I was a very imaginative child. I had imaginary friends. But unlike most children I had a gift. I could see things other people could not see. I was born partially blind. I had congenital cataracts on both my eyes. This made me unable to use my central vision. So I relied looking the side of eyes; in my peripheral vision. At first, I thought it was nothing. But as I grew I started seeing spirits. I felt things behind me, sometimes on my back, sometimes holding my hair. When I would turn to look they would show for a split second, but then would vanish right away.

So let’s we go back to that day, when my mom left. I was alone in second floor kitchen near the mysterious hallway. It was Holy Week. The house was very quiet. My sister and brothers weren’t at home. It was just me and our nanny there. She was in the playroom folding our clothes. Since I was but a child, I played that day. I was not aware of the horror that was to come.

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The sun was shining brightly outside and the sky was so blue. I felt curious about the mysterious hallway which I was told never to come near to, specially the door at the very end. Maybe it was boredom, maybe it was a strange pull; I found myself going into the forbidden hallway. I never went close to the barricaded door before. But I really wanted to see it. I had to go near since I can’t really see from afar. I slowly crept closer and closer. The smell of the place was dank. The air suddenly felt cold. I wanted to touch the wood nailed to the door to prevent it from opening. I slowly moved my hand close to the door.

Suddenly, there was an old woman. She gripped my arm. It hurt a lot. My body froze. I could not move nor could I scream. She looked at me with big grey eyes. She looked wretched. Her hair was a gray mop. Her skin was so wrinkled it looked like the bark of an old tree. Her skin was grayish too. She wore a gray tunic like rag of a dress. In her left hand was a long walking stick or a staff. Her hand was very cold.

I finally got a hold of my body. I walked slowly backwards… Then I finally ran to my nanny in the playroom. The woman followed me. I screamed. She was still behind me. She got into the room at the same time that I was about to forewarn our nanny. Our nanny was stricken with fear. Her eyes grew big and jaw dropped. She had cold beads of sweat all over. Finally the old woman spoke.

“Leave my house! Leave! Leave my house or someone in your household will die!”

She stood there looking at us. She seemed very enraged. Suddenly she vanished. I fell on my knees and cried for fright.

My mother returned that night. We sat in the table eating dinner. I told my family my story. At first they would not believe me, but the nanny saw the old wretched witch as well. They were all frightened. My mother and father decided to leave the said haunted house. We decided to leave not just because of what happened to me. But because of many, many creepy surreal things that has come about in that house.

It was said by people near our house that the doctor who lived there was woman who whose heart was broken. She was impregnated by man who left her so she decided to abort her child. She was said to have lost her mind afterwards and decided to devote her energy into removing fetuses and even almost full term children from mothers’ wombs. They said that the woman felt happy at the sight of blood. It was also said that she was almost arrested for her illegal acts and the death of some of her patients. Before the police came to get her, she committed suicide in that very bathroom.