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The Tale of the Lying-In Clinic

The Tale of the Lying-In Clinic

I have heard this story from my friend who was from a third world country in Asia. She now lives here in Australia and the things she told me really horrified the wits off of me. Let us call my friend Susan.

Susan has lived in her mother country for about 19years. She got pregnant early and because of the fear of shame she wanted to have an abortion. This was normally frowned upon in these places so she has very few options. She heard about this small lying-in clinic that secretly did abortions. She decided to give it a visit but first just to look around.

The clinic was fairly small. It was pretty much closed up with metal pull down shutters that cover the doors and windows. You normally have to call for an appointment. So Susan did so. When she went there, the place really smelled funny. A mixture of chlorinated smell yet there was a bit of rotting in the air. The place looked really run down with a small dim off white bulb. The lady who sat in the front desk looked bored and a bit crazy. She had this creepy smile on her face. The receptionist, who was also the nurse was very thin and her skin has a sick yellowish tinge. She told Susan to sit down and wait because the doctor was with someone else.

The doctor came out, so Susan stood up. He beckoned to for the nurse receptionist to go near him. They looked at each other and both smiled a creepy toothed smile that gave Susan the shivers. The receptionist went back to her desk and told Susan “Just give Doc about 15 minutes and he will be with you shortly.” Susan got terrified and asked where the bathroom was but she secretly crept out and left hurriedly.

Susan did really want to go through with the abortion since she was young and not prepared to have a child yet. Two weeks passed but she did not go back to the clinic. One day she overheard from the neighbour that one of the pregnant women who was supposed to give birth next month died. She was just went to the clinic for a check-up but she was never seen again until today. She went home looking really pale and shocked. She was able to stay there for some time but suddenly collapsed and died. When they checked her, they were supplied that the baby was gone and all the amniotic fluid is gone but her belly was still big.

Susan wanted to know more. She felt that this was the same patient that went before her on the day she went to that clinic. So she decided to go back to the clinic, anyway she had no choice because she really wanted to get the abortion before her belly becomes big. When she got there she was told that the lady who went before her had stayed in the clinic because she needed daily supervision but they are not allowed to discuss the case. She was then ushered by the thin receptionist to the bed. She was sweating and feared what was going to happen next.

The receptionist suddenly put a metal strap on Susan’s arm, Susan being strong fought her off before she could even put the strap on the other hand. They struggled. Suddenly the oxygen tank fell down and started hissing. She took this opportunity to free her left hand. She ran but she ended up going more into the deeper part of what seemed to be a small clinic from the outside but was a really big place. She ran and ran until she got into the part where there was a trapdoor on the floor. She opened it and went inside. She was engulfed by a very horrid smell. She saw the man who looked like a doctor with his back turned against her. He was then facing a woman on a table and he had a long tongue sticking into her belly. She was unconscious but alive. Susan slowly crept away backwards. The doctor did not notice him at all and he continued to suck at the woman’s belly. Susan went back up and then run as fast as she could out the door. She started bleeding profusely and the doctor must have smelled the blood because he was suddenly behind her as she bolted out the door. But he never chased after her. He stopped by the door, looking like a normal man and waved at Susan as she went running out looking back at the clinic. Suddenly there was an explosion. The oxygen tank blew up. But Susan could still make out the silhouette of the man and the thin woman.

Even though she bled out a lot, Susan did not lose the child. She decided to keep him. He is now seven years old and it has been eight years since Susan left her country. She said she wanted to go to the police but no one would believe her. She has heard some stories that the clinic, the doctor and the nurse moved to a different town now.

Be careful who you trust.