Investigating the Paranormal Realm

The Clown Doll

When I was a young girl I remember getting a clown doll from my aunt. My sister had one too. I remember how happy I was getting that doll. It was wearing a pink outfit with a body very similar to a baby. I loved it. It was cute and wonderful.

My sister and I would play with the doll. And on hot boring summer days when we were not allowed to watch TV, reading and playing with our dolls were the the only things we could do to find solace from the sweltering heat and boredom.

The Doll Was Strange

The doll seemed harmless at first. It was cute and unassuming. It did play music when you pulled the key on it’s back. But one day my mother bought me another doll. And as you know with new things and children, children always loved the newer toys.

And so the clown doll was set aside and it did not get much attention. It sat on the sidelines and did not get played with. It soon turned yellow with grime and dust because I did not opt to play with it. The new doll looked like a baby girl and had eyes that opened and closed. It was lovely and cute, with braided brown hair and looked like a young girl.

But I could sense a bit of sadness coming from the clown doll. It looked sad and like it missed playing with me.

One day, I placed in on the headboard of the bed, and played with the new doll. But I was surprised to see the clown doll now beside me. I dismissed that. I was sure that I have placed it behind me resting on the headboard, but I just thought I might have picked it up.

I spoke to the clown doll and told it “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I don’t play with you often. I have a new doll and I do love her. But I still love you.”.

The Crying Sounds

My parents would often be out to go to our business and work through the day. We would only have ourselves. Me, my older brother, my sister and my youngest brother. And since my older brother was already thirteen, he acted as our baby sitter. I was five then.

One day I heard crying sounds from our bedroom upstairs. Me and my siblings all shared this big bedroom and my parents slept in the other one. When I opened the door I saw the clown doll, sitting in the middle of me and my sister’s bed. It was crying softly (or so I thought). It sat beside my new doll which was lying down on the bed.

So I hurried downstairs and ran. I was so scared. And then I went back upstairs and got the two dolls and hurried down. I spoke to the clown doll and said “Hey, I’m sorry.” and then I hugged them both.

But the strangeness did not end there. At night when I would brush my teeth in the kitchen sink downstairs, I could feel someone standing behind me. But when I would look to see if there was someone there, there wasn’t.

And so it went for days where I would sense someone or something near me; something watching me.

The Clown Doll Got Angry

So school began and I did not play much any more since my mother scolded me a lot and wanted me to study all the time. I would only tend to my toys at night before I slept as I placed them in their shelf at night.

But one day, we went out. And I brought my two dolls with me, the clown doll and the new girl doll. We visited my aunt. But I forgot the clown doll in the cab on the way home.

I cried and cried because I wanted to get it back. But there is no way for me to know which cab we took and how to contact it. Until one day, I saw the clown doll in my bedroom. I asked my mother if she had found it. And she said she did. She said she saw in on our front porch.

But this time the clown doll looked angry and upset. It’s face looked a bit different. It was not the same as before. It had scared me.

And so one day I put it in the shelf looking cleaner than before since my mother tried to wash it’s clothes. I had a cup of cocoa on the same shelf. Suddenly the cup of cocoa fell and it poured on my book. I saw the clown doll move a tiny bit. I was very scared. But I did not want to show it. And so I picked up the doll and tried to talk to it.

I told it that I was sorry for accidentally forgetting it in the cab. And for an unknown reason I saw it smile. I got so shocked I accidentally threw the doll in the air. It fell with a thud on the floor.

The next Sunday, I brought it to church with me. I asked my mother if I could go and put some holy water on it. And so I did. This time, the doll smiled… and then the smile was gone.

It had scared me too much that I decided to leave it in a donation box for orphan kids afterwards. I never knew what happened to the clown doll afterwards. But some children in the orphanage will hear crying sounds at night.