Investigating the Paranormal Realm

Inside a Haunted House… Happy or Hell?

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Haunted houses… They have intrigued as since time in memorial. We have always wondered what goes inside those four walls. The mere words “haunted house” creates a mental picture for us about an old creepy house filled with cobwebs. We always think about the ghouls and ghosts lurking inside. So what if you go on a real spooky exploration into one of this places? What will you see? What will you experience?

The Haunted House Myths – During the Medieval times, royalty lived in large castles. Many rooms were sometimes not tended. These places where cold, dark and damp. The lack of electricity lent to the horrific tales the beset the walls of such palaces. Some royalties were evil and tyrannical. When these people died, their souls are said to cast a strong energy upon the castle. Such energy allowed them to still roam the plane of living. Many servants would report that their previous masters haunted the old walls that they used to live in.

In the 1920’s to the 1950’s large estates in the United States were said to be haunted. Some say it is the souls of the servants and slaves who were treated badly and have cast upon themselves and enchantment that would allow them to torment their masters and their master’s family when they depart this world.

In Asian cultures many believe that material things that people loved when they are living can be possessed by them once they die. They may torment people in the present since they are not aware that they have been long dead. These tales have now brought about the stories behind the sordid and scary walls of haunted houses.

What happens in a Haunted House?

A haunted house is not just a huge mansion filled with cobwebs. It can be a small flat in New York City where someone was murdered. It can be a hut in the hot planes of Africa. It can be a beautiful beach house in the Caribbean.

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Ghosts – Haunted houses normally are inhabited by ghosts. These are souls who have not moved on into the other realm or souls who feel that they have some unfinished business. They walk through walls. Women with torn clothes raped and abused. Children with rag dolls full of blood. Men with cut-off limbs. Priests with tortured bodies.

Ghosts can be people who were unaware that they have died. They may feel that they are still alive and would try to go about their business. These ghosts are not dangerous, unless they were evil when they were alive. If an evil person suddenly dies without him knowing it, he can cause a great haunting.

On the other hand there are ghosts who knew they have died and are seeking revenge. They can be so powerful that they turn into poltergeists. Poltergeists are entities that can cause noises in the haunted house or even hurt people. Sometimes, if your soul is weak and you visit one of this houses, they can possess your body.

Sometimes people also believe that they see angels.  This is often shown as a sparkly type light which can be seen around people, often around people’s hands.  If you think that any of these things has happened to you it may be worth contacting a psychic medium.  If you feel odd about the thought of actually having to speak to someone you could try a psychic email reading, I have found these to be invaluable, if you are not sure if they really work then read more about that here.

Haunted Objects – Living people can have a preference towards certain things when they are alive. They may have a favorite chair, a favorite mirror, a beloved doll or an old clock. As you love an item, a part of their soul is imprinted to that item. It lives a trace of their spirit there. Once they die, sometimes that soul refuses to move on and attaches itself to that item. One of the most popular of these are haunted dolls. These dolls can be haunted by the owner who chooses to use the doll as a host. Others are because they feel lost because their owners, who once loved them have abandoned them. These dolls find refuge in the old houses they used to live in. Chairs may also rock back and forth without anyone sitting on them. They creek and creek into the night, with their hinges cold and frozen. Mirrors have been symbols of astral planes. Once a mirror is left in an abandoned house it can be used as a bridge to cross over the world of the living.

Shape Shifting Monsters – Many of us see an old scraggly dog near an old decrepit house. We dismiss them, thinking that the poor creature is just looking for shelter. We see birds inside the house, looking at the window directly into your eyes. We see them and look at them and then we feel a chill run down our spine. Evolution tells us that change is inevitable, mutation can allow these creatures to have powers that we should be afraid of.

Venturing Into a Haunted House

If you are a brave soul, and you wish to embark on an adventure in an abandoned abode then you should be prepared. This is not an adventure for the faint of heart. If the house is not haunted, you can merely roam around and take pictures and have fun. But what if it is? What will you do if you see a woman dressed in white, with blood stains all over her body? What will you do if you see a headless man? Will you run? But what if you can’t?

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If you believe in entities that are evil then you should be prepared. You should have weapons to protect you. If you don’t believe in such, bring the armaments as well. It would be cool to be in the mood.

A Cross – The most common if not most important weapon for fighting evil. The cross is used to fend off evil attacks.

Salt – Salt has been used since ancient times to heal and cleanse. The mystic powers of salt can rid you of evil spirits.

Water (or better yet Holy Water) – Water is also a purifying agent that can banish evils around.

Garlic – Garlic is an age old cure for many things. Garlic is said to have distinctive smell that is foul to vampires and ghouls.

Silver – Being one of the most reflective metals, silver has the capacity to transmit electricity and light. This causes pain to werewolves and monsters.

An amulet – A blessed Talisman is said to protect is bearer from evil. Amulets have been used all over the world to ward off evil.

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So, if you’re planning to go a haunted house for Halloween, prepare yourself, be strong. You have to face the unknown. It may scare you or it may be the best adventure you can have.