Investigating the Paranormal Realm

Equipment for Ghost Hunting and Recording Paranormal Experiences

schaeffler / Pixabay

There are many places in the world that are considered at the most paranormal, and at the least a little spooky.  These places draw ghost hunters and searchers for the paranormal alike to see if they can find and record something seemingly out of this world.  You might be asking yourself, “What kind of equipment do these people take with them?”

Lets take a moment to review some equipment for ghost hunting and recording paranormal experiences.

The Digital Camera

Though many people consider a digital camera to be a useless tool, being able to take high quality photographs is the best way to record what is happening around you.  Having a camera that can be modified to see into the infrared spectrum as well as ultraviolet will make them even more useful.

Video/Voice Recorder

The one thing most people think of when they think ghost hunting equipment is a video handheld recorder.  Having a recorder that is capable of picking up fine sounds is crucial, as one of the many ways that people have reported hauntings is through sounds.  Be sure to state the time, place, and any other relevant details prior to beginning your investigation.


A practical necessity, having flashlights with extra batteries is common sense.  Many places you may be checking out will not have lights and can be a challenge and possibly even dangerous to navigate through.  It is also believed that spirit activity causes batteries to lose their charge quicker.

First Aid

Having a first aid kit will make sure you and your group can treat injuries that might occur from navigating through the dark.


Logging your journey, as well as anything that may feel out of place is the best way to create a better understanding of where you should return to after the fact.

EMF Detector

Officially known as the electromagnetic field detector, the EMF is used as a tracking device for ghosts.  It is believed that ghosts release an electromagnetic field that can be tracked using these devices.  If you have one of these devices, then look for fluctuations between 2.0 and 7.0.


A Compass is a helpful tool in indicating when there is spiritual activity near by.  You will be able to tell when the needle refuses to point in a single direction, fluctuating wildly instead.

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