Investigating the Paranormal Realm

Drowned in the Ghost Month

woman-578820_640This story was shared to me from my friend from China. Before I tell you the story. Let me first tell you about the Ghost Month. The Ghost month normally happens in August, specifically August third. But the Ghost Month normally is celebrated on the seventh month of the lunar year, which of course would be in August. It is the fifteenth day of the seventh month.

During the Ghost Month, the spirits of the dead rise from the lower realms to visit the living. They wander about at night or in bodies of water. They ask for gifts and rituals in order to alleviate their suffering and for them to find peace.

There are many taboos that are to be followed on the Ghost Month to avoid bad luck and hauntings.

  1. Do not stroll at night.
  2. Do not swim. It is said that drowned evil ghosts might try to drown people in order to find victims for them to rebirth.
  3. As the month is considered to be inauspicious, do not move to a new house, start new businesses or marry.
  4. Do not hang clothes outside at night.
  5. Do not pick up coins or money found on the street and if one does, never bring any home.
  6. Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If someone were to step on any offerings by accident, he or she should apologize aloud to ameliorate the situation
  7. Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red.
  8. Don’t sing and whistle as these may attract ghosts.
  9. Keep away from the walls as it is believed that ghosts like sticking to walls.
  10. If someone is born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating his or her birthday at night. It is better to celebrate during the daytime.
  11. Do not go out at 12 midnight as the ghost may approach you for food and other offerings for them.
  12. Do not open umbrellas in the house. It may attract spirits
  13. Do not take selfies or take videos. Ghost may appear in it. You may never know
  14. Do not sleep facing the mirror or something reflective. It guides the ghosts.

This story is a tale of a girl who broke the taboo and went for a swim on the ghost month.

Mei Ling Ong

Mei Ling Ong was a typical Chinese teenager. She had a lot of energy. She has a good fashion sense and loves hanging out with her friends. She would often try to wear the trendiest clothes. Mei Ling loved life and adventure.

But Mei Ling did not come from a rich family. So she worked in part time job in a hotel. This was an old hotel and she worked cleaning the rooms and doing errands here and there. She loved her job. It was not so difficult as there weren’t many guests.

One warm day in summer, Mei Ling was in the reception area all alone. This was the ghost month but she was not afraid. She always heeded what her parents told her about the things she should not do. That night she had to stay there because the receptionist was absent.

She sat there listening to music on her phone staring into space when a handsome young man came in. He was about twenty five years old. He wore a suit and looked tired from work. He went up to the reception area.

Mei Ling was stunned by how handsome he was. He smiled at her and asked about his reservation. She tried to check it in the computer but she could not find it. He tried to smooth out his beautiful hair and told her if he could stay the night and will just pay for the room.

Mei Ling was so happy and she felt butterflies in her stomach. As she was handing him the key card, his brushed against hers. His hand was cold, but maybe because he just came from outside.

Mei Ling led him to his room and he smiled at her. He asked her if they have a swimming pool. She said they have one at the top floor. He smiled and said “You look like my girlfriend before”. Mei Ling blushed. As she was about to go, the man asked her if she could escort him to the pool later on. Mei Ling said that they have a pool staff upstairs and that he can just go up.

He frowned a bit and then smiled. He said “Well, I’m kinda shy and I don’t really talk to others but you seem really friendly. Could you please guide me upstairs?”

Mei Ling could not say no.

After an hour of leaving the man, Mei Ling got a call on the front desk phone. She was really hungry. She sometimes worked as a reliever for the receptionist but she was tired today from cleaning the rooms. The call was from the man. He wanted to go to the pool.

The Man

The man was dressed in a pair of shorts and a white shirt. He was handsome as before and looked happy. He introduced himself. He said he was Xin Lim. He was twenty five years old and works for his father’s business. He said he was single because his girlfriend was gone and left him. But now he is ready for love again. He said he wishes to find a girl just like his girlfriend.

Mei Ling blushed again.

They walked quietly towards the higher floor. He touched her elbow. His hand was cold but not as cold as before.

They got to the pool but the pool attendant was not there. As Mei Ling was about to leave, the man held her close. She was shocked. He said “I’m so happy to have finally found you.”

He came close and tried to kiss her. She was really surprised but she did kiss him back. They stood near the pool. It was a warm and sensual kiss. She felt shivers all over her body.

And then, he finally whispered “Now my love can return..” Mei Ling got shocked but it was too late. He held her close and they both fell into the pool. Mei Ling tried to swim, but the man kept his lips on her. It was eternal kiss of death. Mei Ling could not breathe and she felt her life slip away.

Her mind was strong and she could feel her self being lifted away. But when she looked, she saw her body with the man. Her body lay beside the pool. The man was there holding it. And then the man kissed her body’s mouth again. And she saw it awaken. But it was not her. It was someone else.

Both her body and the man looked at her. She felt herself being pooled in by the pool again. She felt that this time she was really drowning but she was conscious and there was no death to free from drowning. She tried to swim but she was now only a spirit.

The End.