Investigating the Paranormal Realm

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The Tale of the Ugly Mermaid

There was once a young fisherman who lived alone on the shores of a rocky sea. The village was about an hour walk from where his old shack stood. He had lived there alone for two cold summers already since his mother and father died from a terrible cough that slowly withered them away. He […]

Unit 4

We moved into this apartment a little over a year ago. It was nice, quiet and cozy. It had two bedrooms. Which was perfect since I worked at home I needed a space to write and work. It had big windows. The only thing was there were stairs going to the third floor that sort […]

Drowned in the Ghost Month

This story was shared to me from my friend from China. Before I tell you the story. Let me first tell you about the Ghost Month. The Ghost month normally happens in August, specifically August third. But the Ghost Month normally is celebrated on the seventh month of the lunar year, which of course would […]

The Tale of the Lying-In Clinic

I have heard this story from my friend who was from a third world country in Asia. She now lives here in Australia and the things she told me really horrified the wits off of me. Let us call my friend Susan. Susan has lived in her mother country for about 19years. She got pregnant […]

The Tale of the Different Shadow

This story was shared to me by my friend who lived in Japan. When he was young many teenagers committed suicide. Many say that is because of failure to enter a reputable school but some say it is because these students where pulled by a strange entity to end their own life. My friend was […]

Equipment for Ghost Hunting and Recording Paranormal Experiences

There are many places in the world that are considered at the most paranormal, and at the least a little spooky.  These places draw ghost hunters and searchers for the paranormal alike to see if they can find and record something seemingly out of this world.  You might be asking yourself, “What kind of equipment […]

How to Prepare for Your First Ghost Hunt

The unknown is equal parts scary and intriguing.  From the paranormal to ghost hunts, not knowing what can be found around the corner brings people to investigate some of the most haunted places in the world.  If you have been invited to go along on a ghost hunt, and it is your first, do not […]

The Tale of the Old Abortionist

This tale is based on a true story. This story happened many years ago. I was only six and was in my final year in kindergarten. My mom and dad had recently had a huge fight and my mom decided to run away from home or leave my dad. Before I begin this tale of […]

Inside a Haunted House… Happy or Hell?

  Haunted houses… They have intrigued as since time in memorial. We have always wondered what goes inside those four walls. The mere words “haunted house” creates a mental picture for us about an old creepy house filled with cobwebs. We always think about the ghouls and ghosts lurking inside. So what if you go […]