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Beauty Obsession

venus-flytrap-sea-anemone-60565_640There was a woman from Korea who was obsessed with looking beautiful. She spent a lot of money for her face not to age and to look perfect. She has tried several creams and many diets just for her beauty never to fade. Her name was Jihun Park. She was 27 years old. She had her heart broken when she was 23 by her high school sweetheart who went abroad but ended up marrying someone else without even telling her. Her heart was immensely broken and she fell ill and looked old and harassed. She could not go to work for several days. She was missed by her high school students a lot.

Jihun grew up in poor family. She was always sad and alone. She had one brother who had Down syndrome. Her brother died when he was only 16 and when she was about 14. Her brother’s death allowed her to go to school and take up Education in college. She secretly thanked the heavens for taking him away.

When Jihun was young, she was often bullied by other children. She was pale and weak. She only ate rice and kimchi all the time. One boy helped her up one day when she slipped as she was trying to run in the rain to get home. They became instant friends. His name was Lee. He was a very different boy. He often got into trouble for disregarding rules. He said he did not care about the world. (By the way this is a story told to me by a psychic from psychic source – you can learn more about them here – psychic source details by my friend lucy or by visiting this url

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Back to the story…

Their friendship became love. Lee and Jihun had made many plans when they grow up. Lee was not able to go college because he said he just wanted to work right away. He worked as fruit vendor by day and a baker at night. The boss in the bakery took notice of his skills and told him that he might be interested to go with the new branch that they will put up in the United States. And so he did. At first he and Jihun spoke to each other a lot on the phone and on the internet. But slowly he drifted away until one day Jihun could no longer contact him.

Jihun became heart broken. She cried for many nights. She wanted to go to the US, but she could not for her mother was old and sick and might die anytime. One day she heard the news that Lee had married another Korean girl in America. Jihun saw their pictures on her friend’s phone. The girl was lovely and had a bright smile. She was devastated and cried for days and did not eat. She became like a ghost. She cursed the man who broke her heart and promised that she will get the love of any man. She tried to put herself back together. After a week of grief she went back to work.

Jihun changed after that. She sought to be beautiful. She dated an old man who provided her money to buy whatever she wanted. She scoured shelves upon shelves of beauty products to improve her face. She even considered cosmetic surgery. Jihun’s appearance had improved a lot but for her it was not enough.

One day, as she was cleaning her mother’s closet she saw a small piece of paper inside a jar. Her curiosity was peaked. She opened the jar and it said “Elixir of Beauty and Youth, USE WITH CAUTION”. She immediately opened the paper and it was a recipe written in very tiny letters. The ingredients looked quite normal except for three things; it said it needed a whole flower of Venus Flytrap, a drop of blood from her chest and one pure tear. She quickly created the elixir. It smelled funny at first but when she added her drop of blood and her tear, it bubbled and changed into blue and then into a beautiful pink shade. The recipe told her to drink it or to put it on her face. She decided to do both. Slowly she noticed her skin shimmering like glass hit by sunlight. She felt scared.

The shimmering died down and she went back to the way she was but she noticed there was something different about her. She felt a different kind of power. She decided to try it out. So she went out. And the first man she saw, stopped and followed her. He asked for her name and number. He was very handsome. He wanted to have coffee with her. And so she did. All her students liked her. Everybody was fascinated with her.

One day she and the man got drunk. They started to kiss and fool around. They took off their clothes and started touching each other. Suddenly when the man was about to trust his manhood into her, her female organ opened like a Venus Flytrap and bit off the penis of the man. The man was shocked and screamed. But no one came to help because this was a Love Hotel. Her hair grew like ivy and her skin turned green. The flower from her vagina grew into the size of a human head. Until it slowly devoured the man. He writhed in pain. She took mercy upon him that she snapped his head using her hair so that he would no longer feel the pain. Her genitalia ate all of him up until there was no longer a single trace of blood.

She later realized that her tear was not pure, it was filled with malice and hate. She has now turned into a beautiful monster, who eats men whenever they would make love. She tried not to do it, but she could not keep away from the hunger that she feels. She never looked old or got sick. So one day she decided to move from place to place so that no one would ever know about her.

She became a human Venus flytrap (see this video). And that was the price of her beauty.