Investigating the Paranormal Realm

About Us

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The is a site dedicated to opening your eyes to the paranormal realm or the occult unknown.

Here at we are committed to bringing you stories, news and research about different paranormal and occult phenomena. We are a small but passionate team known as the Haunted Times Society. We are a group of ghost hunters, psychics, mediums and even sceptics and we want to bring the spooky news we find to everyone who wants to hear it.

Our paths were intertwined a few years back, at a funeral of one of our friends. Some of us did not know each other yet at that time. Our friend was a beginner at practising the occult arts. She passed in a very strange way and we wanted to find out why. We began our search and investigated what has become of our friend. That was the beginning of our surreal journey through the mystical planes of astral worlds, ghost huntings, card readings and anything to find answers to why our friend suddenly died. In the course of our investigations, we met people. People who wanted to join our journey to enlightenment; people who also wanted answers. So it began, the weekly meetings of the Haunted Times Society.

As we met we discovered many things about each other. Gifts, that other people may scoff at. We tried to nurture those gifts. We also discovered events that were truly mystifying and frightening at the same time. We decided to make a record of those things, those gifts and those scary moments. Thus, we have come to open this site. We decided to share some of the dark stories and secrets we have dealt with in our meetings. Be not afraid.

There are few members of our team. Some of them wish to be kept unknown for fear of persecution from their family and friends. Some of them were brave enough to let others know about their identities.


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She is the leader of our group. Rose is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, a reiki healer and psychic. She can see people who have passed on. She is devoted Wiccan white witch. She has the ability to read tarot cards and look into crystal balls. She has spirit guides that help and guide her


 Wang (王) 

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He is a psychic and an expert medium. He is a firm believer of Zen Buddhism. He practices acupuncture, acupressure and reiki healing. He knows the power of the needle: that it can cure or it can kill. We have heard that Wang has learned the secrets arts of Kung Fu from Wudang, however he would never admit this to us. He is now beginning to study the art of Feng Sui.



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Eric used to work as a cook for an ocean liner. There he discovered his gift of astral projection and the ability to see people who have passed away. He still has many doubts since he truly believes in science but has come to realize that science is the explanation of magic and that magic is the explanation of science.



Larissa is chemist by day but a potion hunter and potions maker by night. She loves herbs and spices. She believes that naturopathic medicines can cure us better than Western medicine. She comes a Baptist Church but believes that God blesses people with “certain gifts” that the church may deem evil but in truth are blessings.



Kenneth is a young man who loves to read. He has been interested in Magick and Sorcery even when he was young boy. He is still yet to discover what gifts he might possess, though his third eye is apparently half open. He is also studying how to read tarot cards.



She is an empath, clairvoyant and claircognizant. She can locate missing objects. She has the ability to communicate with the dead. This has often scared her as a child, but has come to know the uses of this gift when she became 18.






Unnamed Others

These are the ones who wish to be kept unknown. They are of various beliefs and talents. They range from atheists, Catholics, Buddhists and Pagans. There are one who are into divinations, spirits questers and healers. They wish to be hidden, but would still share their mysterious tales on this site.






Those are some of the names behind the tales, articles and conquests written n these pages. Do not pass judgement upon them. They are but people like you, however some of them may have witnessed something ethereal or even sordid and scary.