Investigating the Paranormal Realm

The Clown Doll

When I was a young girl I remember getting a clown doll from my aunt. My sister had one too. I remember how happy I was getting that doll. It was wearing a pink outfit with a body very similar to a baby. I loved it. It was cute and wonderful.

My sister and I would play with the doll. And on hot boring summer days when we were not allowed to watch TV, reading and playing with our dolls were the the only things we could do to find solace from the sweltering heat and boredom.

The Doll Was Strange

The doll seemed harmless at first. It was cute and unassuming. It did play music when you pulled the key on it’s back. But one day my mother bought me another doll. And as you know with new things and children, children always loved the newer toys.

And so the clown doll was set aside and it did not get much attention. It sat on the sidelines and did not get played with. It soon turned yellow with grime and dust because I did not opt to play with it. The new doll looked like a baby girl and had eyes that opened and closed. It was lovely and cute, with braided brown hair and looked like a young girl.

But I could sense a bit of sadness coming from the clown doll. It looked sad and like it missed playing with me.

One day, I placed in on the headboard of the bed, and played with the new doll. But I was surprised to see the clown doll now beside me. I dismissed that. I was sure that I have placed it behind me resting on the headboard, but I just thought I might have picked it up.

I spoke to the clown doll and told it “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I don’t play with you often. I have a new doll and I do love her. But I still love you.”.

The Crying Sounds

My parents would often be out to go to our business and work through the day. We would only have ourselves. Me, my older brother, my sister and my youngest brother. And since my older brother was already thirteen, he acted as our baby sitter. I was five then.

One day I heard crying sounds from our bedroom upstairs. Me and my siblings all shared this big bedroom and my parents slept in the other one. When I opened the door I saw the clown doll, sitting in the middle of me and my sister’s bed. It was crying softly (or so I thought). It sat beside my new doll which was lying down on the bed.

So I hurried downstairs and ran. I was so scared. And then I went back upstairs and got the two dolls and hurried down. I spoke to the clown doll and said “Hey, I’m sorry.” and then I hugged them both.

But the strangeness did not end there. At night when I would brush my teeth in the kitchen sink downstairs, I could feel someone standing behind me. But when I would look to see if there was someone there, there wasn’t.

And so it went for days where I would sense someone or something near me; something watching me.

The Clown Doll Got Angry

So school began and I did not play much any more since my mother scolded me a lot and wanted me to study all the time. I would only tend to my toys at night before I slept as I placed them in their shelf at night.

But one day, we went out. And I brought my two dolls with me, the clown doll and the new girl doll. We visited my aunt. But I forgot the clown doll in the cab on the way home.

I cried and cried because I wanted to get it back. But there is no way for me to know which cab we took and how to contact it. Until one day, I saw the clown doll in my bedroom. I asked my mother if she had found it. And she said she did. She said she saw in on our front porch.

But this time the clown doll looked angry and upset. It’s face looked a bit different. It was not the same as before. It had scared me.

And so one day I put it in the shelf looking cleaner than before since my mother tried to wash it’s clothes. I had a cup of cocoa on the same shelf. Suddenly the cup of cocoa fell and it poured on my book. I saw the clown doll move a tiny bit. I was very scared. But I did not want to show it. And so I picked up the doll and tried to talk to it.

I told it that I was sorry for accidentally forgetting it in the cab. And for an unknown reason I saw it smile. I got so shocked I accidentally threw the doll in the air. It fell with a thud on the floor.

The next Sunday, I brought it to church with me. I asked my mother if I could go and put some holy water on it. And so I did. This time, the doll smiled… and then the smile was gone.

It had scared me too much that I decided to leave it in a donation box for orphan kids afterwards. I never knew what happened to the clown doll afterwards. But some children in the orphanage will hear crying sounds at night.

The Tale of the Ugly Mermaid

There was once a young fisherman who lived alone on the shores of a rocky sea. The village was about an hour walk from where his old shack stood. He had lived there alone for two cold summers already since his mother and father died from a terrible cough that slowly withered them away.

He was young, almost like a boy. He had brown eyes and a wind burnt skin. His hair was the color of the flames of the sun. He a small scar on the left corner of his eye which he had gotten from when he was a young boy on a fishing trip with his father.

He was alone and lonely. He woke up early everyday to catch a bit of fish to sell in the village. He used the little money that he would get from the fish to buy potatoes, some greens and sometimes, when he is lucky, he could buy tea. He never really liked alcohol or tobacco. He just wanted to eat a little bit and if he was not too tired, he would walk around the village.

On most days, you will catch him sitting on the same bench in the town square. This bench was right across a bakery. They made delicious bread. And he would sit there smelling the bread. He could smell the meat pies. He had one time had a taste of one. But that was when his father was still alive. He could never really afford to eat meat pies any more.

He would often go home at dusk. His sandals were so worn off that he could feel the cobble stones with the soles of his feet. Most of the time, he’d get home so exhausted that he’d immediately fall asleep.

One night, he dreamt. He dreamt of a voice so sweet. He saw himself sitting down on his wooden bed. He saw the lamp lit and he picked up and walked towards the outside of his shack. The singing grew more intense. The song was soft and beautiful, much like the lapping of the waves on the stone shore. He could see a light coming from the big rock on the beach. He followed the voice.

And there he saw a figure of a woman. She had long hair. She was half naked. He could not really see her but could hear her singing. He slowly crept towards her, enchanted by her voice. But he suddenly stepped on a twig and it cracked. Immediately the woman jumped into the water, revealing a tail on the lower part of her body. And then he suddenly woke up. It was already mid-day.

He still had some boiled potatoes from the day before so he ate that. He tried going to the sea for a bit to catch some crabs from the shore. He was able to get a big crab. He was so happy.

And so he brought the crab to the bakery in the village. He pump baker woman took it and boiled it. She gave him a meat pie and some of the crab soup. He felt full and happy. But his thoughts kept coming back to the woman he saw on the beach in his dream.

That night, he fell asleep again and dreamt the same dream. But this time he was careful. He approached her. He got very near to her. But as he was about to touch her hair she jumped into the water. He shouted after her to wait. And so she surfaced back. She was half naked. Her upper body glistened wet with water. But her face, was not of a real maiden. It was hideous to see.

She had gills where the nose should have been. She had a beautiful mouth but when she opened it, she had long sharp silver like teeth. Her eyes were pools of blue with no white in them. They shifted color much like the sea does.

And then she spoke.

“Why do you seek me young man?” she said.

“Because of your beautiful voice.” He replied.

“But now you see my face.” she answered.

She dipped her self into the water and she showed him a human like face. She had smooth porcelain like skin. Her eyes remained blue but now it was of a human’s. Her teeth became white and straight.

“Is this the face you would have wanted to see?” she asked.

And he did not say anything. He went closer to her. He waded into the water. He walked further until his was waist deep into the dark sea.

“I have heard your song, and it made me feel peace.” he said.

“What do you seek?” she asked. “I can grant you a wish that your heart desires.”

And then he went closer to her and kissed her. She was surprised but she did kiss him back. They kissed and kissed. He felt alive again. He felt happy and he felt peace.

“I want you.” he whispered. “Not the beautiful maiden, but the real mermaid that I saw”

Then the kissed deepened and she turned back to her real mermaid face. She pulled him close until they went deeper and deeper into the depths of the water.

He forgot his sorrow. He forgot his pain. He found peace with his beloved mermaid, in the depths of the sea.

The villagers never saw him again. But during stormy nights, they would hear two voices singing. A man’s voice and an enchanted woman’s voice.

Some say the mermaid tricked him, some say he fell in love. But only the man knows. Only he knows how it’s like in the bottom of the ocean, swimming with his mermaid forever.

Mermaids are maiden like sea creatures that have haunted men for centuries. They say that the mermaid resembles a beautiful woman with a tail of a fish. But mermaids are of magic, and with magic they can change their faces. Their true faces are hidden only for their beloved to see.

Unit 4

We moved into this apartment a little over a year ago. It was nice, quiet and cozy. It had two bedrooms. Which was perfect since I worked at home I needed a space to write and work. It had big windows. The only thing was there were stairs going to the third floor that sort of blocked my office window. The stairs cut the window in a very odd shape.

Underneath those stairs was a bed frame of some sort. I have always wondered about that bed frame. It looked odd sitting there. It gathered lots of dust and spiders lurked around it. It gave me the creeps. But I was never the sort that easily gets scared. So I brushed off those feelings.

I brushed off the creepy feeling I felt, that feeling that there was someone looking at me as I typed into my keyboard. I ignored the shadows cast from underneath the stairs when I sat in front of my computer at night. I was too tired to even think about such childish scares.

But everything changed when weird things started happening to me. It all started when I cleaned up the area underneath the stairs. Bugs and spiders lived there and there was so much dust that I had to just clean it up. I had to remove all the dust and spiderweb clinging unto the bed frame.

A day after dusting off the bed frame my body itched like there was no tomorrow. I scratched myself raw. I cried from so much itch. The doctor said it was contact dermatitis. But I decided to find out about the abandoned bed behind the stairs.

I found out that at time, my landlady’s daughter had died a sudden death from over a year ago. She died so suddenly that her whole family was surprised.


Nightmares started visiting me recently. They have come a few months past but I brushed them off. I thought I was just too tired from working too much that I had very lucid nightmare where I can see my body but I can’t move.

You see, I have been sleeping in my office and not in our bedroom for a few months now. I fall asleep here because I was too exhausted. I felt very rested sleeping in this blue colored room. But when the nightmares come, I feel like death visits me.

And then I started seeing her. I started seeing a woman in my dreams. She calls me. She was not angry or anything. But she does not want me to get up. She wants me to look at my body as I slept. I could hardly breathe as she sat there next to me.

Sometimes, I see her there looking at me I knew I was sleeping. She told me not to wake I and stay asleep. But I knew I need to wake up. I knew that if I did not rouse, I would soon die. I tried moving my leg. I tried moving my arms but I couldn’t. I felt like someone was restraining me from getting up.

Since then, I never slept in the blue room beside the stairs. If I did I would only do so for an hour or two and left the lights open. I am not scared of her, but she wanted me to go with her. And I knew I should not, I should not go with her.

The Window

The window es shaped oddly. I was cut into the shape of the stairs. And in it’s tiny corner it looked into the underside of the staircase. The window stood behind me everyday as I worked. And there, from that tiny corner, I saw the shadow. I saw the shadow of a little girl. And her little yellow eyes looking at me as she peered into my window.

Drowned in the Ghost Month

woman-578820_640This story was shared to me from my friend from China. Before I tell you the story. Let me first tell you about the Ghost Month. The Ghost month normally happens in August, specifically August third. But the Ghost Month normally is celebrated on the seventh month of the lunar year, which of course would be in August. It is the fifteenth day of the seventh month.

During the Ghost Month, the spirits of the dead rise from the lower realms to visit the living. They wander about at night or in bodies of water. They ask for gifts and rituals in order to alleviate their suffering and for them to find peace.

There are many taboos that are to be followed on the Ghost Month to avoid bad luck and hauntings.

  1. Do not stroll at night.
  2. Do not swim. It is said that drowned evil ghosts might try to drown people in order to find victims for them to rebirth.
  3. As the month is considered to be inauspicious, do not move to a new house, start new businesses or marry.
  4. Do not hang clothes outside at night.
  5. Do not pick up coins or money found on the street and if one does, never bring any home.
  6. Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If someone were to step on any offerings by accident, he or she should apologize aloud to ameliorate the situation
  7. Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red.
  8. Don’t sing and whistle as these may attract ghosts.
  9. Keep away from the walls as it is believed that ghosts like sticking to walls.
  10. If someone is born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating his or her birthday at night. It is better to celebrate during the daytime.
  11. Do not go out at 12 midnight as the ghost may approach you for food and other offerings for them.
  12. Do not open umbrellas in the house. It may attract spirits
  13. Do not take selfies or take videos. Ghost may appear in it. You may never know
  14. Do not sleep facing the mirror or something reflective. It guides the ghosts.

This story is a tale of a girl who broke the taboo and went for a swim on the ghost month.

Mei Ling Ong

Mei Ling Ong was a typical Chinese teenager. She had a lot of energy. She has a good fashion sense and loves hanging out with her friends. She would often try to wear the trendiest clothes. Mei Ling loved life and adventure.

But Mei Ling did not come from a rich family. So she worked in part time job in a hotel. This was an old hotel and she worked cleaning the rooms and doing errands here and there. She loved her job. It was not so difficult as there weren’t many guests.

One warm day in summer, Mei Ling was in the reception area all alone. This was the ghost month but she was not afraid. She always heeded what her parents told her about the things she should not do. That night she had to stay there because the receptionist was absent.

She sat there listening to music on her phone staring into space when a handsome young man came in. He was about twenty five years old. He wore a suit and looked tired from work. He went up to the reception area.

Mei Ling was stunned by how handsome he was. He smiled at her and asked about his reservation. She tried to check it in the computer but she could not find it. He tried to smooth out his beautiful hair and told her if he could stay the night and will just pay for the room.

Mei Ling was so happy and she felt butterflies in her stomach. As she was handing him the key card, his brushed against hers. His hand was cold, but maybe because he just came from outside.

Mei Ling led him to his room and he smiled at her. He asked her if they have a swimming pool. She said they have one at the top floor. He smiled and said “You look like my girlfriend before”. Mei Ling blushed. As she was about to go, the man asked her if she could escort him to the pool later on. Mei Ling said that they have a pool staff upstairs and that he can just go up.

He frowned a bit and then smiled. He said “Well, I’m kinda shy and I don’t really talk to others but you seem really friendly. Could you please guide me upstairs?”

Mei Ling could not say no.

After an hour of leaving the man, Mei Ling got a call on the front desk phone. She was really hungry. She sometimes worked as a reliever for the receptionist but she was tired today from cleaning the rooms. The call was from the man. He wanted to go to the pool.

The Man

The man was dressed in a pair of shorts and a white shirt. He was handsome as before and looked happy. He introduced himself. He said he was Xin Lim. He was twenty five years old and works for his father’s business. He said he was single because his girlfriend was gone and left him. But now he is ready for love again. He said he wishes to find a girl just like his girlfriend.

Mei Ling blushed again.

They walked quietly towards the higher floor. He touched her elbow. His hand was cold but not as cold as before.

They got to the pool but the pool attendant was not there. As Mei Ling was about to leave, the man held her close. She was shocked. He said “I’m so happy to have finally found you.”

He came close and tried to kiss her. She was really surprised but she did kiss him back. They stood near the pool. It was a warm and sensual kiss. She felt shivers all over her body.

And then, he finally whispered “Now my love can return..” Mei Ling got shocked but it was too late. He held her close and they both fell into the pool. Mei Ling tried to swim, but the man kept his lips on her. It was eternal kiss of death. Mei Ling could not breathe and she felt her life slip away.

Her mind was strong and she could feel her self being lifted away. But when she looked, she saw her body with the man. Her body lay beside the pool. The man was there holding it. And then the man kissed her body’s mouth again. And she saw it awaken. But it was not her. It was someone else.

Both her body and the man looked at her. She felt herself being pooled in by the pool again. She felt that this time she was really drowning but she was conscious and there was no death to free from drowning. She tried to swim but she was now only a spirit.

The End.

The Tale of the Lying-In Clinic

The Tale of the Lying-In Clinic

I have heard this story from my friend who was from a third world country in Asia. She now lives here in Australia and the things she told me really horrified the wits off of me. Let us call my friend Susan.

Susan has lived in her mother country for about 19years. She got pregnant early and because of the fear of shame she wanted to have an abortion. This was normally frowned upon in these places so she has very few options. She heard about this small lying-in clinic that secretly did abortions. She decided to give it a visit but first just to look around.

The clinic was fairly small. It was pretty much closed up with metal pull down shutters that cover the doors and windows. You normally have to call for an appointment. So Susan did so. When she went there, the place really smelled funny. A mixture of chlorinated smell yet there was a bit of rotting in the air. The place looked really run down with a small dim off white bulb. The lady who sat in the front desk looked bored and a bit crazy. She had this creepy smile on her face. The receptionist, who was also the nurse was very thin and her skin has a sick yellowish tinge. She told Susan to sit down and wait because the doctor was with someone else.

The doctor came out, so Susan stood up. He beckoned to for the nurse receptionist to go near him. They looked at each other and both smiled a creepy toothed smile that gave Susan the shivers. The receptionist went back to her desk and told Susan “Just give Doc about 15 minutes and he will be with you shortly.” Susan got terrified and asked where the bathroom was but she secretly crept out and left hurriedly.

Susan did really want to go through with the abortion since she was young and not prepared to have a child yet. Two weeks passed but she did not go back to the clinic. One day she overheard from the neighbour that one of the pregnant women who was supposed to give birth next month died. She was just went to the clinic for a check-up but she was never seen again until today. She went home looking really pale and shocked. She was able to stay there for some time but suddenly collapsed and died. When they checked her, they were supplied that the baby was gone and all the amniotic fluid is gone but her belly was still big.

Susan wanted to know more. She felt that this was the same patient that went before her on the day she went to that clinic. So she decided to go back to the clinic, anyway she had no choice because she really wanted to get the abortion before her belly becomes big. When she got there she was told that the lady who went before her had stayed in the clinic because she needed daily supervision but they are not allowed to discuss the case. She was then ushered by the thin receptionist to the bed. She was sweating and feared what was going to happen next.

The receptionist suddenly put a metal strap on Susan’s arm, Susan being strong fought her off before she could even put the strap on the other hand. They struggled. Suddenly the oxygen tank fell down and started hissing. She took this opportunity to free her left hand. She ran but she ended up going more into the deeper part of what seemed to be a small clinic from the outside but was a really big place. She ran and ran until she got into the part where there was a trapdoor on the floor. She opened it and went inside. She was engulfed by a very horrid smell. She saw the man who looked like a doctor with his back turned against her. He was then facing a woman on a table and he had a long tongue sticking into her belly. She was unconscious but alive. Susan slowly crept away backwards. The doctor did not notice him at all and he continued to suck at the woman’s belly. Susan went back up and then run as fast as she could out the door. She started bleeding profusely and the doctor must have smelled the blood because he was suddenly behind her as she bolted out the door. But he never chased after her. He stopped by the door, looking like a normal man and waved at Susan as she went running out looking back at the clinic. Suddenly there was an explosion. The oxygen tank blew up. But Susan could still make out the silhouette of the man and the thin woman.

Even though she bled out a lot, Susan did not lose the child. She decided to keep him. He is now seven years old and it has been eight years since Susan left her country. She said she wanted to go to the police but no one would believe her. She has heard some stories that the clinic, the doctor and the nurse moved to a different town now.

Be careful who you trust.


Beauty Obsession

venus-flytrap-sea-anemone-60565_640There was a woman from Korea who was obsessed with looking beautiful. She spent a lot of money for her face not to age and to look perfect. She has tried several creams and many diets just for her beauty never to fade. Her name was Jihun Park. She was 27 years old. She had her heart broken when she was 23 by her high school sweetheart who went abroad but ended up marrying someone else without even telling her. Her heart was immensely broken and she fell ill and looked old and harassed. She could not go to work for several days. She was missed by her high school students a lot.

Jihun grew up in poor family. She was always sad and alone. She had one brother who had Down syndrome. Her brother died when he was only 16 and when she was about 14. Her brother’s death allowed her to go to school and take up Education in college. She secretly thanked the heavens for taking him away.

When Jihun was young, she was often bullied by other children. She was pale and weak. She only ate rice and kimchi all the time. One boy helped her up one day when she slipped as she was trying to run in the rain to get home. They became instant friends. His name was Lee. He was a very different boy. He often got into trouble for disregarding rules. He said he did not care about the world. (By the way this is a story told to me by a psychic from psychic source – you can learn more about them here – psychic source details by my friend lucy or by visiting this url

EDIT: 2017 We got a few people asking for some other psychic reviews and testimonials and I recently discovered another great site for this kind of info as well as other spiritual things such as free rune readings, called Eye of the psychic, by a lovely lady called Iris.  She also discusses Psychic Source as well as some other sites for readings.  You can visit Eye of the Psychic here or find her best experiences with clairvoyants and psychic reading reviews here.

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Back to the story…

Their friendship became love. Lee and Jihun had made many plans when they grow up. Lee was not able to go college because he said he just wanted to work right away. He worked as fruit vendor by day and a baker at night. The boss in the bakery took notice of his skills and told him that he might be interested to go with the new branch that they will put up in the United States. And so he did. At first he and Jihun spoke to each other a lot on the phone and on the internet. But slowly he drifted away until one day Jihun could no longer contact him.

Jihun became heart broken. She cried for many nights. She wanted to go to the US, but she could not for her mother was old and sick and might die anytime. One day she heard the news that Lee had married another Korean girl in America. Jihun saw their pictures on her friend’s phone. The girl was lovely and had a bright smile. She was devastated and cried for days and did not eat. She became like a ghost. She cursed the man who broke her heart and promised that she will get the love of any man. She tried to put herself back together. After a week of grief she went back to work.

Jihun changed after that. She sought to be beautiful. She dated an old man who provided her money to buy whatever she wanted. She scoured shelves upon shelves of beauty products to improve her face. She even considered cosmetic surgery. Jihun’s appearance had improved a lot but for her it was not enough.

One day, as she was cleaning her mother’s closet she saw a small piece of paper inside a jar. Her curiosity was peaked. She opened the jar and it said “Elixir of Beauty and Youth, USE WITH CAUTION”. She immediately opened the paper and it was a recipe written in very tiny letters. The ingredients looked quite normal except for three things; it said it needed a whole flower of Venus Flytrap, a drop of blood from her chest and one pure tear. She quickly created the elixir. It smelled funny at first but when she added her drop of blood and her tear, it bubbled and changed into blue and then into a beautiful pink shade. The recipe told her to drink it or to put it on her face. She decided to do both. Slowly she noticed her skin shimmering like glass hit by sunlight. She felt scared.

The shimmering died down and she went back to the way she was but she noticed there was something different about her. She felt a different kind of power. She decided to try it out. So she went out. And the first man she saw, stopped and followed her. He asked for her name and number. He was very handsome. He wanted to have coffee with her. And so she did. All her students liked her. Everybody was fascinated with her.

One day she and the man got drunk. They started to kiss and fool around. They took off their clothes and started touching each other. Suddenly when the man was about to trust his manhood into her, her female organ opened like a Venus Flytrap and bit off the penis of the man. The man was shocked and screamed. But no one came to help because this was a Love Hotel. Her hair grew like ivy and her skin turned green. The flower from her vagina grew into the size of a human head. Until it slowly devoured the man. He writhed in pain. She took mercy upon him that she snapped his head using her hair so that he would no longer feel the pain. Her genitalia ate all of him up until there was no longer a single trace of blood.

She later realized that her tear was not pure, it was filled with malice and hate. She has now turned into a beautiful monster, who eats men whenever they would make love. She tried not to do it, but she could not keep away from the hunger that she feels. She never looked old or got sick. So one day she decided to move from place to place so that no one would ever know about her.

She became a human Venus flytrap (see this video). And that was the price of her beauty.

The Tale of the Different Shadow

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's Ghost of Okiku

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s Ghost of Okiku

This story was shared to me by my friend who lived in Japan. When he was young many teenagers committed suicide. Many say that is because of failure to enter a reputable school but some say it is because these students where pulled by a strange entity to end their own life.

My friend was an outsider in Japan, a gaijin as the locals would say or a foreigner. He was excluded by the other students all the time. Being an outsider also gave him some benefits. He was able to observe his classmates from a safe distance. Most of the time the other students were quiet and disciplined in school. Some of them even went to cram school to get better results in the entrance examinations. Most wanted to go the famous Tokyo University or Kyoto University. Sometimes my friend who we will call Tomo, who is a half Japanese and half Canadian, would see classmates laughing and having fun. They acted like normal students. But deep inside Tomo, he felt that there was something peculiar happening to some of his school mates.

One day, as Tomo was walking home he heard a girl crying and struggling. So he tried to look for where the sound of cry was coming from. It was dusk and the street lamps just lit up. He saw the girl beside a big tree in the empty parking lot of his school. She seemed like being pulled by an invisible force. She was crying quietly and incorrectly. She seemed to be struggling to break free from something. But Tomo could not see it very well. Then he saw the girl’s face. The look in her face froze Tomo completely. Her eyes were glassy and blank. She looked like a frozen doll. Her lips were closed but she was trying to move them as if begging for help. She clutched her neck as if trying to pry something off of it. Then Tomo saw under the bright street lamp, a shadow. The shadow did not look much different from what the girl’s shadow should look like but it did now seem right. Instead of showing the exact form of the girl, the shadow seemed to be skewed. And then Tomo saw it, the shadow had long bird like fingers with talons at the ends, grabbing the girls neck from behind. Suddenly Tomo snapped out of his reverie and tried to help the girl. When he was inches away from her she suddenly collapsed. Tomo caught her. She breathed fast and shallow. Suddenly her eyes opened and was shocked to see Tomo. She looked at her hands. They had a little blood in them. She glanced at Tomo and suddenly ran away. Tomo sat there, puzzled and scared. He had cold sweat running down his face. He could not understand what happened.

The next few days Tomo looked for the girl in school. He could not find her. He did not have any friends in school so he could not tell anyone what had happened. At night he could not sleep. He feared for whatever happened this girl. He could not forget that strange look on her face; a twisted eerie blankness that took hold of her. Tomo could not concentrate in school anymore.


One Saturday afternoon Tomo and his mother went out to go shopping for groceries. As they were about to go home Tomo felt weird again he could not understand why. He stood on the train flat form all frozen. Then suddenly he saw the same girl. She was wearing her school uniform. She looked at Tomo. She smiled. Suddenly the expression on her face changed. She looked at the incoming train. Tomo ran towards her but she already jumped. Tomo froze. He couldn’t stop her. He was not fast enough. People screamed around him but he did not hear any of it. All he could think about was he was about a split second away from saving her. His mother ran to him and pulled him away from the crowd and hurriedly dragged him away from the platform and all the people in there.

They took a cab home. Tomo went to his room all dazed. He could not eat or sleep for days. His mother was very worried about him. She talked to his father. He heard them talking about going back to Canada. Tomo snapped out of his confused state. He needed to know why it all happened.

He tried to be brave and asked some of his classmates if anyone noticed this girl and anything weird around school. At first no one would talk to him. He was the outsider. Finally, one day as Tomo ate his bento box in the school canteen a gangly looking boy sat down across him. He introduced himself. He was the girl’s brother. He did not tell Tomo his name. He just sat there and then suddenly said “Did you see it too? The shadow of my sister?” Tomo was shocked he did not know what to say. The boy just stared at his hands for a few minutes and then told Tomo everything he knew. He said that his sister was not the first one to have had a shadow. He has heard of other students who have had them as well. But no one really wants to talk about it. He said that the shadow started appearing after his sister came back from an old bookstore and brought home with her a comic book that had some weird drawings on it. The younger brother said that he was not bothered by it at first because he said that most Japanese comic books are full of weird stuff. He said that his sister started acting strange after reading it. She would sleep walk at night and would act violently suddenly.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi's portrait of Oiwa.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s portrait of Oiwa.

Tomo was scared. He had just been to that bookstore and he also got a weird looking manga. He went home and burned it. He said that after that he went to his mom and said that he really wanted to go back to Canada.

Tomo is now a grown up and works in a bank here in Vienna. He has visited Japan several times but has never bought another comic book. He sometimes dreams of that shadow with long fingers and talon like nails.

The End.

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Equipment for Ghost Hunting and Recording Paranormal Experiences

schaeffler / Pixabay

There are many places in the world that are considered at the most paranormal, and at the least a little spooky.  These places draw ghost hunters and searchers for the paranormal alike to see if they can find and record something seemingly out of this world.  You might be asking yourself, “What kind of equipment do these people take with them?”

Lets take a moment to review some equipment for ghost hunting and recording paranormal experiences.

The Digital Camera

Though many people consider a digital camera to be a useless tool, being able to take high quality photographs is the best way to record what is happening around you.  Having a camera that can be modified to see into the infrared spectrum as well as ultraviolet will make them even more useful.

Video/Voice Recorder

The one thing most people think of when they think ghost hunting equipment is a video handheld recorder.  Having a recorder that is capable of picking up fine sounds is crucial, as one of the many ways that people have reported hauntings is through sounds.  Be sure to state the time, place, and any other relevant details prior to beginning your investigation.


A practical necessity, having flashlights with extra batteries is common sense.  Many places you may be checking out will not have lights and can be a challenge and possibly even dangerous to navigate through.  It is also believed that spirit activity causes batteries to lose their charge quicker.

First Aid

Having a first aid kit will make sure you and your group can treat injuries that might occur from navigating through the dark.


Logging your journey, as well as anything that may feel out of place is the best way to create a better understanding of where you should return to after the fact.

EMF Detector

Officially known as the electromagnetic field detector, the EMF is used as a tracking device for ghosts.  It is believed that ghosts release an electromagnetic field that can be tracked using these devices.  If you have one of these devices, then look for fluctuations between 2.0 and 7.0.


A Compass is a helpful tool in indicating when there is spiritual activity near by.  You will be able to tell when the needle refuses to point in a single direction, fluctuating wildly instead.

If you are wondering where to buy ghost hunting tools you can check this site

How to Prepare for Your First Ghost Hunt


The unknown is equal parts scary and intriguing.  From the paranormal to ghost hunts, not knowing what can be found around the corner brings people to investigate some of the most haunted places in the world.  If you have been invited to go along on a ghost hunt, and it is your first, do not fret!  There are a few simple things you should keep in mind.  Lets review how being helpful, being mindful, and staying calm can make your first ghost hunting experience into a success.

Being Helpful

Depending on the organization of your group, you may be asked to bring things along.  Most beginners will be asked to bring along their own flashlight, as well as several pairs of extra batteries.  In addition, having a phone for easy contact will make staying with your group much easier.  More likely then not, your group will already have most of what it needs, including more expensive paranormal hunting equipment.  They will also take the time to let you know how the ghost hunt will go down, and your role in it.

Be Mindful

Many places where you can go ghost hunting will be either abandoned or in poor shape.  The best thing you can do is to work as hard as possible in being mindful.  When checking out a place, know where other people in your group are.  Do not get separated, especially if you are wandering through a large place.  In addition, take into consideration everything around you, and try to memorize the location of objects you come across.  The more mindful and aware you are, the easier it will be to spot paranormal activity when it takes place.

Stay Calm

One of the biggest problems people new to ghost hunting have is shaky nerve.  This is perfectly understandable when you take into consideration wandering around in the dark in a place that may be haunted.  However, you cannot let your nerves get the best of you.  Try your best to refrain from yelling or shouting if something happens, as this will only make a situation worse.  Instead, work to get the attention of somebody else as quickly and as quietly as you can.  Some paranormal activity will flee when people raise their voices, and the last thing you want to do is be the one responsible for scaring away the ghosts!

The Tale of the Old Abortionist

thomashendele / Pixabay

This tale is based on a true story.

This story happened many years ago. I was only six and was in my final year in kindergarten. My mom and dad had recently had a huge fight and my mom decided to run away from home or leave my dad.

Before I begin this tale of horror, let me give you a bit of background into this story. In May 1987 my family moved to my aunt’s big house. She allowed us to rent it until we have completely paid for the mortgage. The house was really big but I have very little recollection about how it looked like when we moved in since I was only about two at that time and I could only remember some blood stains on the wall.

When I was about three I had experienced many strange things in this house. Since I’ve had a spiritual awakening, I’ve begun to think more deeply about these times.  I was inspired after reading an article about spiritual awakening on a good occult site I found called Signal River. So here is my story to share with you.

It was said that the house used be an abortion clinic at the second floor and a gambling den in ground floor. Just to give you a bit of a picture, the house was big. It had a garden parking space for two cars, a backyard which was a filled with an assortment of old discarded things. The first floor housed my dad’s office, a big living room, a storage area, working space for our other employees. The second floor had enormous bedrooms, a playroom and a weird small hallway that was lined with several bathrooms and the last one on the hallway was barricaded by wooden planks. That hallway gave me the creeps. It smelled funny. It smelled of death. It was said that behind that door was the bathroom which the abortionist used to throw and flush down the fetuses.

This house was a haunted place. Many entities were said to live in every nook and cranny.  We will park those stories for now. We will first delve in to the story of old abortionist that haunted this house. Many of our neighbors say there once a nice doctor who lived in that house. She was always smiling and friendly, yet very quiet. Many women visited her. Most of them looked pregnant. The neighbors before found it strange that whenever a woman visits they never see her leaving from the front door. The fact of the matter is some of them use the back door to leave but some of them never leave at all.

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

When we moved to this house, as my older brother tells me; there was a lot of blood stains in the second floor. Most of this blood was found in the hallway that had five bathrooms; two on each side and one at the very end. He said that there was even a woman who knocked at our door asking for a “Doctora”. The house frightened me a lot.

I was a very imaginative child. I had imaginary friends. But unlike most children I had a gift. I could see things other people could not see. I was born partially blind. I had congenital cataracts on both my eyes. This made me unable to use my central vision. So I relied looking the side of eyes; in my peripheral vision. At first, I thought it was nothing. But as I grew I started seeing spirits. I felt things behind me, sometimes on my back, sometimes holding my hair. When I would turn to look they would show for a split second, but then would vanish right away.

So let’s we go back to that day, when my mom left. I was alone in second floor kitchen near the mysterious hallway. It was Holy Week. The house was very quiet. My sister and brothers weren’t at home. It was just me and our nanny there. She was in the playroom folding our clothes. Since I was but a child, I played that day. I was not aware of the horror that was to come.

howliekat / Pixabay

The sun was shining brightly outside and the sky was so blue. I felt curious about the mysterious hallway which I was told never to come near to, specially the door at the very end. Maybe it was boredom, maybe it was a strange pull; I found myself going into the forbidden hallway. I never went close to the barricaded door before. But I really wanted to see it. I had to go near since I can’t really see from afar. I slowly crept closer and closer. The smell of the place was dank. The air suddenly felt cold. I wanted to touch the wood nailed to the door to prevent it from opening. I slowly moved my hand close to the door.

Suddenly, there was an old woman. She gripped my arm. It hurt a lot. My body froze. I could not move nor could I scream. She looked at me with big grey eyes. She looked wretched. Her hair was a gray mop. Her skin was so wrinkled it looked like the bark of an old tree. Her skin was grayish too. She wore a gray tunic like rag of a dress. In her left hand was a long walking stick or a staff. Her hand was very cold.

I finally got a hold of my body. I walked slowly backwards… Then I finally ran to my nanny in the playroom. The woman followed me. I screamed. She was still behind me. She got into the room at the same time that I was about to forewarn our nanny. Our nanny was stricken with fear. Her eyes grew big and jaw dropped. She had cold beads of sweat all over. Finally the old woman spoke.

“Leave my house! Leave! Leave my house or someone in your household will die!”

She stood there looking at us. She seemed very enraged. Suddenly she vanished. I fell on my knees and cried for fright.

My mother returned that night. We sat in the table eating dinner. I told my family my story. At first they would not believe me, but the nanny saw the old wretched witch as well. They were all frightened. My mother and father decided to leave the said haunted house. We decided to leave not just because of what happened to me. But because of many, many creepy surreal things that has come about in that house.

It was said by people near our house that the doctor who lived there was woman who whose heart was broken. She was impregnated by man who left her so she decided to abort her child. She was said to have lost her mind afterwards and decided to devote her energy into removing fetuses and even almost full term children from mothers’ wombs. They said that the woman felt happy at the sight of blood. It was also said that she was almost arrested for her illegal acts and the death of some of her patients. Before the police came to get her, she committed suicide in that very bathroom.